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Family Protection

Family Protection


Life insurance gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re protecting the people you love. Choosing the right life insurance policy starts with understanding your needs and knowing the differences between the types of policies available: term life, universal life, and whole life.  At Helmick and Company, we can help you build an appropriate plan, determine the amount of insurance you need and then guide you through the underwriting process.  Once you have your policy, we work to ensure your policy keeps up with your ever changing and evolving life.  

Family Protection


Today, more and more people are realizing the value of Long Term Care Insurance.  We have watched as our parents and grandparents have had to find ways to cover the escalating costs associated with long-term care needs.  From home health care to assisted living facilities and nursing homes, a Long Term Care policy or LTC rider on a life insurance policy can be the difference between dignity and despair.  We have access to the top insurers and the best rates when it comes to Long Term Care policies. 



1 in 4 working adults in the United States will experience lost wages for at least 90 days due to an unexpected disability.  Disability insurance is about protecting your income when you are unable to perform your duties at your job due to sickness or injury.  With a disability policy, you will receive monthly payments to help cover your expenses until you are back on your feet again.  While Workman’s Compensation may cover injuries that occur on the job, disability insurance covers you even if you are injured or become sick outside of work.

Family Protection


When planning for your retirement, fixed annuities offer a safe harbor for steady tax-deferred growth over time.  A fixed annuity is a tax-deferred vehicle that you typically fund during your working years in order to receive regular payments during retirement.  Helmick and Company has access to highly rated annuity insurers that can be an invaluable component of your overall retirement plan.  

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